5 Cool Men Shoulder Bags For Just Under 2000 Rupees


Let’s face it women have a wide selection of fashion accessories to choose from and amp up their style. While we men largely are in the background racking our brains on how to do something a little unusual than the rest. Hence, we are left innovating in the space that has established itself as a safe style quotient. 

Bags are one such accessory that has good potential in it to experiment with. There are all kinds of bags that suit your requirements. One such utilitarian accessory is the shoulder bag. These stylish storage spaces can compliment your everyday look. I took the liberty scout through amazon and choose five ubér stylish bags that will up your game!

Colour Me Green

This unisex shoulder bag is made of canvas and is a multi-purpose bag that will help you store your everyday items on the move. The brown zips compliment it well. Another factor to consider is that it is made up of eco-friendly material. Buy here

Brown Never Goes Out Of Fashion

There are some colours that never go out of fashion and this is one of them. Brown is the face of bags if you were to ask me. It goes with all colour palettes and the gold zips add a great look. It is an elegant crossbody bag that can be used on an easy day. Buy here

Be Ever ready

A unisex bag, this is made of artificial leather and has strong fabric lining on the inside. The storage is enough to keep your daily accessories and laptop. An ideal companion to your next trip to work. It will brighten up a dull day! Buy here

Sophistication Is The Key

There will be days when you are stepping out for a meeting and you cannot take a canvas bag with you. Then what should you carry? An elegant bag that gives the vibe that you mean business. This bag does that for you. A suave carry on for a suave you! Buy here

Go Vegan!

Yes, going vegan does not mean only dietary but you can also opt for a vegan leather bag. This handmade bag is in a lovely shade of blue-black and tan. It is sure to be a head-turner, making you the quintessential man in the room! Buy here