5 Comfortable Footwear Options For Women


Did you know? The first thing a person notices about you is usually your footwear. Your shoes can actually say a lot about you. But, just to keep it stylish, wearing heels every single day is a painful option. However, these five footwear options for women will not only make you look fashionable but are also extremely comfortable.

Canvas shoes

Comfortable and funky, canvas shoes look perfect with almost every attire. Whether it is a kurta or a dress, a solid pair of shoes will always make you look fashionable. However, make sure you choose a colour that goes well with everything, such as grey or black.

Ballerina shoes

Ballerina flats complement both Indian and Western wear. It is chic and stylish and is available in a plethora of variety. And, they are so comfortable that you won’t experience any pain in your heels. However, always buy the right fit and go for classic colours.


If you want an amalgamation of fashion and comfort then sandals are what you need. From strap-on to embellished ones, there are various kinds of sandals fulfilling every need. In fact, if you want the perfect footwear for Indian wear then sandals are what you need.


Loafers can redefine comfort if you choose the right pair. Easy to wear and stylish, I personally adore loafers and they look perfect with jeans or shorts. So yes, the drawback is that it doesn’t belong with every other outfit.

Fancy Flipflops

I am not talking about your regular slippers, but the fancy versions you see these days. They are comfortable, look good, and I especially enjoy the bulky ones because they are quirky. And yes, you can match flipflops with any casual outfit, and the fancy ones can also be worn to college or office.