5 Casual Shirts Every Man Should Own


Fashion changes all the time; someday people will be after some sneakers, the next day, they would be dying to own a mature bag. But there are many rules to fashion and some styles which will never die. So today I will be talking about five casual shirts every man should have in his wardrobe. Take a look!

Plain white casual shirt: This will never go out of style, and the best part about the casual white shirt is that it goes with everything and every occasion. Be it a lunch date or movie night with friends; a plain white shirt will cover you everywhere.

Plain black casual shirt: This again is just something you should have, and if not, buy it right now. Black is the most premium colour you can have. It looks great with most things. To keep it premium, I will suggest to wear it at night occasions like date night, or a birthday party.

Plain light blue shirt: This might be common around the world. And, the best thing – it doesn’t look bad on anyone. The color suits everyone, and it doesn’t matter if you have a fair or dark skin complexion.

Denim shirt: Oh! I cannot even tell you how much I love my denim shirt. It is simply the best, and it is not just about the colour but how it feels. It looks very premium when compared to others. If you have a blue denim shirt, pair it with a plain white or plain black jeans, it will look amazing.

Plain denim grey shirt: I am specific here, it should be denim, grey-coloured with no texture or design. I know blue ones are more popular, but this one gives you a premium and foreign look. Trust me, I own one of these, and it looks incredible.