5 Best Small Types Of Tattoos You’ll Want To Consider


I believe tattoos have been inescapable for the last half-decade. It is something to take satisfaction in, to show the world without guilt or doubt. I’ve seen the guys with massive works of art covering their back, chest, or arms. Large and full-body tattoos never go out of style. But, currently, the world is going gaga over tiny, cute, and minimalist tattoos. Here are some reasons and ideas to go small and simple.

1. Semicolon Tattoos

The semicolon tattoo is an extraordinary kind of tattoo as it represents a second life of sorts. In grammar, the semicolon represents a pause in a sentence. BTW, I have got one on my forearm too ;

2. Geometric Shapes Tattoos

If you’re looking for something much simpler, geometric shapes are always a good option.

3. Nature-themed Tattoos

Nature illustrations often make pretty and timeless small tattoo ideas. The most common nature-themed tattoos are small flowers like roses, trees, and plants, which look best on arms and ribs, but would look great anywhere anyway.

4. Cosmos-Themed Tattoos

Now, I am a person who likes almost everything about the inter-galactic universe, aliens, and whatnot. If you are the same, then you would love this tattoo style.

5. Words, Names, Phrases, Letters, And Dates Tattoos

A lot of meaningful tattoos are ones that dedicated to friends and family in the form of names or even powerful quotes written in their handwriting.