5 Best Places To Eat Dosas In Chennai


Chennai, the land of Dosa, will make you lick your fingers! It could be a real challenge to find the best Dosa in the city. Bite onto some crispy, potato-filled dosa with sambar and chutney is a tasty fulfilling task one would strive for.

Here I’ve curated a list of best places in Chennai that serve the most delicious breakfast staple of India – The Dosa.

Mami Tiffin Stall & Vinayaga Caterers

This place is an iconic restaurant which will drool you into some authentic south Indian delicacies that too won’t burn a hole in your pocket. Started as Mami’s mess has turned in to a beautiful restaurant for those who crave for home-cooked food. The joint besides serving hot dosas are also known to serve filter coffee, bonda and many more. So whenever you want to try an authentic south Indian food, you know where to head.

Mylai Karpagambal Mess

Another place that started small and is yet is known for serving amazing dosas is Mylai Karpagambal Mess. This place is known for its flavours and authenticness. The streets of Mylapore is revisited through this place. Order a plate of Podi dosa or ghee- masala Dosa and immerse in the tastefully designed dosas of this place. I bet you can’t wait on just one!


If you like custom Dosa that does good for your tastebuds, then ID serves some amazing out of the ordinary dosas like roasted garlic dosa or Erra Karam. You get to choose your toppings and fillings! What better way to select your Dosa just like your sub! You can find many outlets in the city and get your hands on IDs hot dosa. 

Prems Grama Bhojanam

This place serves authentic dishes inspired by the old south Indian cuisine. If you are hunting for mouth-watering Dosa, then Prems Bhojanam is your must-visit spot. You must try ‘Benne Dosa’ (a variety mix of millets) or the red-rice Dosa as they are considered the healthiest options out there. You can also try Konkan millet neer dosa which is made from coconut water. Therefore if you are looking for a unique dosa experience which has threads to old culture, then this Bhojanam is where you must treat your tastebuds!

If you’ve tried any other dosa in Chennai then feel free to share about the restaurant. We would like to visit the same and add it to our dosa hunting list.

Murugan Idli 

This place serves fantastic lip-smacking crispy dosas and soft and fluffy idlis. Ghee-roast idlis served with chutney would make everyone’s day. Murugan Idli will ensure that you have the best breakfast. Rush, into their outlet as this place has multiple outlets, will keep you glued to their hot and crispy dosas for days to come.