5 Best Places To Be Around In Nainital


Counted in one of the best hill stations in India, Nainital is surrounded by green hills, snow cladded peaks, old, rustic cottages and web of streets where you can endlessly stroll around. The town being famous for ita natural attractions and absolute climate conditions makes it a charming place to visit where one can find old temples, heritage buildings and scenic views at every step. Here are 5 places that one just can’t miss when one travels across in Uttarakhand. 

Naini Lake

Nainital is known as the land of lakes. One of the many tourist spots that you can find in Nainital is Naini lake – Also known as the lifeline of Nainital. The lake is an actual representation of the beautiful, scenic and panoramic surroundings. This pear-shaped lake is a tourist magnet and people like to boat, yacht and paddle in this lake. You can get to watch beautiful sunsets amidst verdant hills

Tiffin Top – Get the view 

As the name suggests, Tiffin top is from where you can get a mesmerising view of the entire place. The place where you can sit on this location is also known as ‘Dorothy Seat’ It is a stonework perch on the tabletop location. It was built in the loving memory of a painter named Dorothy. The breathtaking views of the Himalayas and Nainital are what you get to see. The splendid view of the town at a height of 2290 meters is what drives tourist to this spot. 

Mall road

It is a paradise of people who are shopaholics. One could wander on mall road’s street for hours and not get bored. The mall road has many streets, shopping centres, banks, hotels, eateries and much more. Perfect background with a perfect shopping hub for outsiders. Mall road is the arterial of all the roads that you will find in Nainital. 

Snow View Point

The name clearly suggests what the spot is about. It is also a must-visit place if you ought to visit Nainital. The view offers mesmerising views of the snow-cladded mountains of the grand Himalayan ranges. One can find an aerial ropeway or a roadway tp reach this viewpoint. If you want to enjoy the view of Nanda Devi and Nanda Kot then you must opt to trek.  

Jim Corbett National Park

One of the most famous places that one should never miss out on is Jim Corbett National park. Safaris that you can get in Jim Corbett would get you closer to the wildlife ecosystem. Definitely, it has always been on a hitlist of nature lovers and enthusiasts across the country. Strategically located in the low lying areas of Himalayas, stream gush through the park and makes it a home for various vegetation, around 600 bird species and wild animals like elephants and tigers.