5 Best Cafes In Jaipur


Along with the rich, royal Rajasthani culture and palatial architecture, the pink city has evolved itself with the quicky trends of quirky cafes. Since you can never go short of forts in Jaipur similarly the city never failed to mesmerise the tourists with the chains of cafes famous for the best taste of every cuisine. The food industry there has spread so wide that you’ll scratch your head to find the best one. So to save your time and confusion, here are some best cafes which are a must-visit.

1. Anokhi Cafe

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The interiors of this cafe radiate calm and relaxed vibe. A perfect place to eat in peace. Apart from this, they keep health in mind and serve only organic food which keeps your diet not disturbed.

2. On The House

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Get a European vibe in Jaipur at this place. Proffering exotic European delicacies you also get the famous authentic Rajasthani thali in the menu. The cafe stands itself up for the ambience and the unique taste it profers.

3. Tapri Central

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Honestly, the place has a heavenly vibe. Your farthest site will see a miniature of the city when sitting on the rooftop. Masala chai and sandwiches are the key food on the menu which attracts the tourist here. The architecture depicts wooden artistry which is pretty eye-catching

4. Loft18

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The walls are embellished with fairy lights and flower pots which give out a very winter hills vibe. It’s a perfect runaway place from the chaotic city life and to spend some time in solace. Apart from it, dour cheese pizza is what attracts the visitors most.

5. My Place Cafe

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A place that has settled in the hearts of both locals and tourists. Your search for vegetarian delicacies will bring you right here. Coffees and shakes keep the place rushed and the prices are reasonable to make it a frequent spot.