5 Best Back Extension Exercises To Strengthen Your Back


It isn’t easy to get a strong core, but it is as important as breathing the air. Most people ignore the effort that our back muscles do to keep daily things functioning. From lifting water cans to sitting, almost everything requires the support from our back. Can you guess how many muscles comprise of our back? Well, that’s a staggering number of 140 overlapping muscles. This is nothing but an indication that your body needs some back extension exercises so that you can strengthen your back.

In case, you are also going through back issues, or are starting to understand the importance of back exercises, then you are at the right place. We are going to list some of the best back extension exercises that will help you to straighten your overall body posture. So, let us check them out.

# Dart Move

This is one of the most well-known pilate back strengthening exercises. In the procedure, you have lay prone on the ground and raise your upper body a bit from the ground. You also have to leave the support to abs and pelvis. Another thing that you need to remember is to look down on the ground. Your eyes shouldn’t wander anywhere else. You will need a mat to perform this exercise. You can repeat this exercise two to three times. By inhaling and pausing, while your upper body is above the ground and exhaling while going down.

# Swimming Pose

This is another effective stretching exercise for your back muscles. This is perfect for someone who has mastered the art of balancing themselves. For this, you will have to lie on the mat with both your hands and legs stretched without bending. Now make sure that you are looking down on the mat. After that, alternatively, lift your hands and legs and pulse. Breath in and hold yourself in the position for at least 5 seconds. Repeat the swimming pose two to three times.

# Cow Pose

Regarded as one of the best and gentle back strengthening poses, the Cow Pose acts as a perfect remedy for your hips and abdomen. To perform this, you will have to get down on the mat with both your hands and knees touching the ground whereas the middle body above the ground, similar to a cow. Make sure that your neck and spine are in each other’s extension. Now, just pull your neck and tail in the opposite direction to curve up. Don’t force too much. You can repeat this exercise as per convenience.

# Plank Pose

Now, I guess, this is the pose which most of us know about. Plank pose is perfect for a lot of body parts, including neck, back, shoulders, biceps and more. Firstly, you will need to come down on the ground on your knees and keeping your hands and elbow straight. As the primary focus is on the back, you will have to extend your spine. Now, stretch your body out. Now, lean a bit forward and put pressure on your hands. Make sure to stretch your legs without separating them. Now, breathe, and keep yourself in the same pose for about 5 breaths. You can take a break and perform it again.

# Swan Pose

Another great pose for someone who is looking to strengthen their back. For this, you will need to lie down using stomach on the mat again and make sure to keep your arms and legs close to the body. Though, many say that the best way to do this exercise is by extending the legs. Now, you need to lift your stomach and upper body from the ground with hands on the mat. Repeat the movement for three to five times for best results.

So what are you waiting for? It is the right time for you to give your back some relaxing in your everyday struggle. Our back is essential for almost every task, from sitting to sleeping, nothing is comfortable when your back is out of the shape. Over the years, I have seen many of my close friends suffer from back issues and that too at a young age. I would suggest you follow some of these exercises so that your back can back you throughout.