5 Amazing Things To Do In Vegas If You Don’t Gamble

Las Vegas Welcome Sign 3/30/11

From top-notch places to dine into a helicopter ride or driving in a Lamborghini. It’s all possible in Las Vegas! Yes, you don’t have to gamble all the time.

Las Vegas is a city known to be the Sin City or a city that never sleeps. You are going to find people who would be sundowners with their gambling skills. Since you have to keep yourself entertained for a long time You need to know things to do here besides gambling

Things to Do in Las Vegas Besides Gambling

Walk The Strip

A long wide stretch of Las Vegas’s famous hotels with unique creations such as Eiffel tower and statue of liberty then this is that place. Whenever you visit Las Vegas you just can’t miss on walking the strip. You can avail shuttles or take a tram or monorail to get from one hotel to the next. 

Eat, Shop, See Repeat

Besides gambling what Las Vegas is world-famous for are its endless buffets, it’s good shopping, its impressive shows and of course its nightlife. Endless food, amazing shopping places and spell bounding shows and nightlife are what makes Vegas hit the vacay list of many tourists. All the hotels seem to offer an amazing buffet for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Many tourists have preferred the Bacchanal Buffet at Caesars Palace. If you are looking for Great European food then LLe Village Buffet serves the best food as it makes you feel old school in the setup pf an ancient Parisian Neighborhood. 

A Helicopter Flight Over The Strip

Who misses this mesmerising view of Vegas? The helicopter ride at night is an absolute treat for the eyes. Fly over the strip and look at the blinding lights for the best possible view of the strip. 

Long drive ride in Lamborghini

Gone in 60 seconds vibes can be lived in here. Fast and shiny cars attract everyone. So what better can we ask for? Vegas roads and your favourite sports car. An expensive supercar drive is what you need to make the most of your Vegas. Ferrari 488GTB and a Lamborghini Huracán Performante await you.

SlotZilla Zip Lines

You must have seen Kareena Kapoor and Imran Khan making the most in ‘Ek mein aur ek tu’. These zip lines fit the saying ‘It could only happen in Vegas’. The zip line takes a flight form an 11th storey, 120-foot high takeoff platform designed as a giant slot machine with two different launch levels. Riders fly close to the ground just above the tourists who are strolling tourists and iconic casinos.