4 Ways To Add Charm To Your House


Owning a house is honestly a moment of pride. Who does not dream of their own house and if somebody asks me, I will give them a whole house map with the interiors too. Yeah, this is my level of dedication towards my dream house. Honestly, it is really fun to have the freedom to decorate your house the way you want, you get that nostalgia of how you used to fancily decorate each and every corner of your dollhouse. Well, the more lively and a homely vibe your house has, the more welcoming it becomes.
Some of the 4 ways to add charm to your house are-

You got to be very particular and creative with the interiors you select:

Choose the right colour for your walls, because apparently walls matter. Subtle pastel colours give good and positive vibes and also you can always go with contrasting colours. If you believe in Shastra, then you got to be particular depending on the directions and the colour it coordinates with.

Furniture! Be very careful while selecting it. It enhances the beauty of your house. Try to coordinate the colour of your furniture with the wall colour. Nowadays, mix-matching is pretty much in trend and also gives a western modern look.

Carpets, people find it outdated but honestly, but it can change the look of your house. Call it old-school, but a carpet gives a very rich royal look to a house. So keep that in your list while decorating your house.

Plants! you get decor and health combined with it. Enhancing the greenery and poshness of your house, plants have many medical benefits with it too. You have to be very particular with its maintenance but plants are a YES for your house.