4 Best Acupressure Points For Better Eyesight


We are a generation that spends most of their time staring on screens. Our lifestyle strains our eyes on a great level. This prolonged strain on our eyes can cause many eye-related issues such as glaucoma, cataract, hypermetropia, myopia, colour blindness, night blindness, and many other issues. If you don’t know what acupressure is, it is an alternative medicine concept which is evolved from acupuncture. Developed by ancient Chinese civilizations, the idea of acupressure says that life energy flows through meridians when we apply physical pressure to specific points, the blockages in the meridians are unclogged and the flow of energy is restored. There are acupressure points throughout the body. If you know the best acupressure points for better eyesight, you can save your eyes in the long term.

It is not just our eyesight that can be healed through acupressure. Various ailments can be healed. Regular practice of acupressure has strong healing properties. Our body is connected, the eyes are connected to the liver, toes, and neck. By applying pressure on these specific points, you can heal your eyes as the blockage of energy will be open. Try these four best acupressure points for better eyesight.

The nostrils

Sounds weird and embarrassing to massage around your nostrils but it is true. If you suffer from headaches due to your eyes, you can relieve the pain by massaging around your nostrils. There is a specific way to perform acupressure. This specific massage will also improve your vision over time.

You can perform this massage by either lying down or sitting straight. Put the index fingers of both your hands beside your nostrils. Massage gently for five minutes. Remember to put pressure on your nostrils, but not so much that you breathing gets thwarted, you don’t need to breathe through your mouth. Keep the pace slow and do it daily, you will notice the difference and progress soon enough. This message will help your sinus problem and nasal congestion issues also.

The edge of the eyes

There are four points around the eyes that you need to focus on. I practice it daily and I feel amazing right after the massage. Start with the inner edge of your eyes, at the bridge of the nose. gently apply pressure and massage in a circular motion for three minutes. Switch to the outer edge of the eyes and massage in the same way again for three minutes. Now, move downwards right below the centre of your eyes. massage again for three minutes. Finally move your fingers to the eyebrows, right above the centre of the eyes. Massage for three minutes, and you are done. Do this daily for better eyesight. Be gentle and don’t put pressure on your eyes. If your eyes are sore, this is the best acupressure point for you.

The bridge of the nose

Keep your fingers straight and place them at the edge of the bridge of your nose. Massage gently, do not put pressure on your eyes. It is important not to bend your fingers when you are massaging. This particular massage is excellent to help in redness and soreness of the eyes. When you are done, place on of your fingers on between the eyebrows, the centre point of the T-zone of your head. Massage at this point for five minutes. If you are having a stressful day, try this massage, you will feel much relieved.

Fingertips and toe tips

The concept of acupressure strongly believes that your whole body is connected to your toes. In the first step, join the fingertips of both your hands together and press them against each other for five minutes in a gentle circular motion. Now, to massage your toes, place your index finger and thumb around your toe and massage for a minute or two at each toe. You will feel relaxed and with time your eyesight will improve. This particular massage will improve your eyesight to clarity.

At first, I would suggest that you should learn the exact massaging points for various ailments, you can go to an acupressure practitioner. Acupressure is recognized around the world and there are many places where you can go and learn about this alternative medicine therapy.