3 Travel Shaving Kits Handpicked For The Smarter Indian


At a time where traveling has become more of work than pleasure, we all have a tiny travelbag always stacked and readied for the next journey. Since it’s difficult to always be on our toes and not miss out any of our travel essentials, we should rather be safe than sorry. Keeping a travel shaving kit handy at all times proves to be a life saviour.

Engrossed in our lives, we forget our facial hair never stops growing. And not all of us look great in a stubble. A shaving kit then comes to your rescue. Although almost all 3 Star properties and budget hotel chains like OYO provide with a complimentary bathroom kit, not all contain a decent one ideal for shaving.

Today, we have handpicked 3 shaving kits for travel that top an exhaustive list on Amazon.

1) Bombay Shaving Company Shaving Essentials Value Kit

In just a couple of years, Bombay Shaving Company has made a name for itself in Men’s grooming and personal products. Their shaving kit is an ideal choice for those looking to buy one for their travels.

The kit comes with a preshave scrub, shaving cream, soothing post-shave balm, and a brush. And a brand customised soft napkin to add to the sophisticated feel.

Buy for ₹ 1,299.00/- only at Amazon.

2) Spruce Shave Club Shaving Essential Kit

With tea tree oil and aloe vera as the main active ingredients, this Spruce shaving kit is a very soothing choice for those shuttling now and then.

Like the above, guys at Spruce provide a kit with a preshave oil, shaving gel, a post-shave balm, a brush, and a brand customised soft napkin. Don’t forget to carry your razor with both of the above.

Buy for ₹ 1,165.00/- only at Amazon

3) LetsShave Men’s Grooming and Shaving Essential Kit

The least expensive kit in the list comes with the most number of items in the shaving kit. Including a travel pouch and razor cap, there are 7 of them. Also, add face lotion and face wash to the above list of things here.

Buy for ₹749.00/- only at Amazon

The best 3 pick from the endless list comes to an end. Get anything from here with closed eyes as all of them are top-rated by Amazon customers who have already experienced them.