3 Tasty Breakfast Options For All-Day Energy


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. When you make sure that you eat clean, healthy, and fresh breakfast in the morning, it can make all the difference.

Power-Packed Smoothie

If you are someone who lives alone or cannot afford too much time making breakfast in the morning then this one is just for you. In fact, you can also carry it in a to-go mug. For this easy peasy smoothie, take one banana along with berries of your choice. And then add some Greek yoghurt, almond milk or regular milk, nut butter, and some greens. Blend it well and top it with natural honey for sweetness. If you don’t have nut butter, you can always toss in a handful of nuts. This smoothie is thoroughly delicious and stomach filling. It will keep you active and is super healthy.


Eggs make the ultimate breakfast. To make it even better, chop a few veggies of your choice along with one cup of spinach. Heat olive oil in a pan and toss all the vegetables, including the spinach. Sauté for 5-10 minutes and add an egg. Cover the pan and let it cook for a couple of minutes. Season it will salt, and pepper and your breakfast is served.


Parfait is stomach filling and very healthy. Take some granola bar or ready-made muesli and chop some strawberries. You will also need honey and yoghurt to finish the dish. Take a glass, layer it with yoghurt, honey, strawberries, and granola. Voila! Your breakfast is ready. If not strawberries, you can make use of any kind of berries and try to go for natural and organic honey.