3 Mistakes That Are Responsible For Your Dull Skin


Skincare is an essential part of our lives. It wasn’t considered important in the generation of our mothers, they used bar soap for their whole body including their faces, times have most definitely changed and using a bar soap will ruin your skin even more than the damage it is prone to. An ideal skin goal would be to look fresh, hydrated and glowing. It may seem impossible to get your skin to that level, let’s look into what you are doing wrong and how you can bid farewell to your dull dry skin.

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Lack of Moisturizing:

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Write it down and read it out loud, you always need to moisturize your skin. After enduring and battling through the pollution, the lack of sleep, the workload and whatnot, your skin needs some love, don’t just give it a plain old wash, make sure you have a deep cleansing face wash and then follow that with a dab of moisturizer, rub it into your skin, it will make you feel nice, plump and glowing. Tightening the muscles on your face as well.


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There are two sides to this coin, exfoliation should be done carefully. The process requires you scrubbing your face and essentially getting rid of all the accumulated dirt, dry skin and oils. This should be at the least only be done twice a week, over-exfoliating your skin may lead to your tissue being damaged and your pores opening making you susceptible to acne, under exfoliation will cause the accumulation of bacteria and dirt which will essentially lead to dryness and dullness.


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This is the easiest remedy on the skin-care list and you cannot mess this up. Stay hydrated. Make sure you have a bottle beside you and it stays refilled at all times because your body and your skin need it.

Other possible causes for dullness would be using bad products on your face, lack of sleep and external factors beyond your control. Browse the internet, there are affordable products that will help you maintain your skin. Help your skin so it can help you.