15 Best Exercises To Reduce Back Fat For Women


Back fat can bring all sorts of troubles for women. Your dresses won’t fit anymore. Your posture will be slouched, you will feel less energetic and it can lead to obesity also. Having back fat means you are running the risk of diabetes and infertility. A proper diet along with the right exercises can do wonders for you and build strength in your upper body. Some of these exercises are elemental, some are difficult, but all of them are effective. Try these best exercises to reduce back fat for women.


Lay on your stomach, raise your body, your palms on the ground, hands straight. Your posture should be making a straight line from your neck to the heels. Hold the position for one minute.

Elbow plank

Raise your body on your forearms and heels. Keep a straight posture just like the full plank, hold the position for one minute, increase ten-second every day.

Bent over row

Bend your knees, lean forward, your back straight. Flex the elbows with dumbbells in your hands. Raise the elbow backward just a little above the shoulders. Do fifteen reps.


Stand under a pull-up bar, hold the bar with a wide grip, the back of your palm facing you. Raise your body as much as you can and hold for a second and dip to starting position. Do at least five reps.


Start the with full plank position. Lower your body slowly, focusing the weight on the middle of your chest, stop right before your nose touches the ground, raise your body again. Do twenty reps minimum.

Hip bridges

Lay on the ground, your knees flexed. Lift your pelvis as much as you can stretch, and hold the position for two seconds, return to the starting position. Do fifteen reps.

Jump rope

Hold a jump rope in both your hands, flip it around your body and when the rope is about to be under your feet jump. Do it for five minutes daily, and your back fat will vanish.

Dumbbell rows

Keep your right palm and right knee on a bench in a straight line. Your back and glutes should be in a straight line also. Hold a dumbbell in your left hand, elbows flexed. Lift the dumbbell till it reaches near your armpit, lower it, and repeat the steps. Do fifteen reps from each hand.

Lat pulldown

Sit on the lat machine, hold the lat pulldown bar with a wide grip. Pull the bar down, flexing your elbows, make the muscle mind connection, feel the burn on your back. Do ten reps.

Seated cable row

Install a V-bar handle on the seated cable rowing machine, sit and flex your knees a little placing your feel on the stand. Pull the V-bar handle toward your torso, your elbows locked and flexed, release the bar with resistance. Do twelve reps.


Lay on the floor your chest, extend your arms and legs. Raise your arms and legs as you are flying like superman. Hold the position for ten seconds, rest and repeat.

Bicycle crunches

Lay on the ground, hands behind your head, knees flexed, heels touching the ground. Bring your left knee toward your shoulder, and lift your upper body, touch the left knee with the right elbow. Repeat the same steps for the left hand and right leg. This completes one rep.


Stand straight, hold dumbbells in your hands. Lift your shoulder towards your ears and release it to the starting position. Do fifteen reps.

Cat and cow stretch

Lie on your all fours. Look up while pushing your belly down, making an arch. Now, glance down and push your belly. Repeat ten reps.

Reverse fly

Stand straight, your knees a little flexed. Lean forward with your back straight, light dumbbells in your hands. Raise the dumbbells laterally till they reach your shoulder height, and release to the starting position. Do ten reps