1200 Calorie Diet Plan For Weight Loss – Benefits, Safety, And Foods To Eat & Avoid


Weight loss is simple to understand but challenging to follow. The basic idea of weight loss is to consume fewer calories than your usual rate the caloric deficiency will shed your pounds. The 1200 calorie diet plan is an effective measure to lose weight without losing the nutrition. I think it is a healthy lifestyle choice also. When you become conscious of your weight, you tend to quit what’s harmful to your health. While following a 1200 calorie diet, you should know the benefits, safety, and foods to eat and avoid.

At first, cutting your calories will weigh heavily on your energy, but within a week, your body will learn to adapt to the change. That’s why us humans are thriving; we are adaptable. The 1200 calorie food plan is a precise plan which will lead you to attain the ultimate health and body you are looking for. Also, I will mention the food you should eat and what you should be avoided.

1200 Calorie diet

The elemental idea behind the 1200 calorie diet plan is to cut your calorie intake and balance out the meal you will eat so that you won’t be deprived of nutrition. The 1200 calorie diet plan includes proteins, carbs, good fats, fruits, and vegetables. If you like to eat non-vegetarian food, there is a different meal plan, but that also includes 1200 calories.

Vegetarian 1200 calorie diet plan

Start your morning with the detox lemon and lukewarm honey water. Take quinoa in breakfast with no fat or low-fat milk. Cut refined sugar off completely. Make a fresh vegetable sandwich with salad ingredients. Eat some fruits like apple, banana, watermelon, kiwi, guava, or anything of your choice, post-lunch. Drink evening green tea and some light snack as salad or popcorn. Have carrots in dinner, they provide a high level of energy. A baked potato and vegetable juice is also an excellent option for a low-calorie dinner. Take your final meal two hours before sleeping.

Non-vegetarian 1200 calorie diet plan

Drink the detox honey and lemon water in the morning. You can either have boiled eggs or multigrain bread raw veg sandwich with low-fat mayonnaise. For lunch, you can Have either a salad or tuna fish sandwich, but do add vegetables like lettuce in it to nullify the acidic effect. The post-lunch meal should be fruits like apple, banana, papaya or anything else you prefer. Evening snack should be green tea or black coffee/tea. Avoid refined sugars. Then your dinner should have chicken soup, with a salad and/or vegetable juice. Please have your dinner atleast 2-3 hours before you sleep.

The do’s

In the 1200 calorie diet, we are aiming to cut high-calorie meals without cutting the vitamins and minerals. What you need to consume are fewer calorie vegetables. Leafy greens, tomato, cucumber, mushrooms, apple, banana, grapes, watermelon, pineapple are a few of the best food you can consume in this particular diet plan.

Maximize the protein consumption in the diet. It will replace the fat weight you are losing and build new muscles. Eating protein will also keep you full for a long time; it means that you won’t be craving for junk food or high-calorie meals, which is a tough task controlling.

To cook your meals, you should use vegetable oils, olive oils, peanut oil. These are low-fat oils.

Consume a complex carb breakfast. It will boost you with energy throughout the day. Complex carbs are digested slowly by our liver and gut, so the energy is released constantly. Your whole diet should be balanced, nothing extreme or it will ruin the plan.

Sleep for atleast eight hours a day. When your body is on a low-calorie diet, you need to rest more than ever to save energy for you to function.

The don’ts

Do not eat saturated fats in your diet. These are bad for your health and are high in calories. Avoid deep-fried food at any cost. Alcohol is also a lousy option while being on a diet it is treated as sugar by our body. Also, refrain from drinking soda drinks as they are very rich in refined sugar.

Try not to dream about eating junk foods or watch Food channels where they brag about eating. It will disturb you, and you may break your diet. A strong will is needed to follow the right diet. Once you see the effects of the 1200 calorie diet, you will love it.