10 Serious Side Effects Of Starving


Balance is the word when it comes to food. A balanced diet with a little rest to our stomach is the key to a healthy life. But we can sometimes be obsessed over our looks and forget our well being. We voluntarily starve ourselves to lose weight quickly and more often than not; it results in a bad physical condition that needs medical treatment. There are serious side effects of starving if you’re taking it to the extreme. The body needs energy which comes from the food we eat. Fasting is a good health choice, it rests our stomach, but taking it to the limit can lead to starvation.

Food and water are life. Although we can live without them for a certain period, when that time is over, your body begins to self destruct. Starvation means when you are deprived of food and water for more than two days straight. What happens that your body begins to eat itself to make energy, I know it sounds harrowing, and it certainly is. Now let’s discuss in detail about the side effects of starving.


When your body is deprived of water, electrolyte imbalance is the first effect. You get prone to muscle injuries and may twist your ankle while walking; dehydration is that severe of a condition. Your skin will become dry and wrinkled, your gut will be constipated, and your glycogen levels will decrease. Even if you are on a diet, please drink enough water.


One of the leading causes of death in third-world countries is malnutrition among children. When our bodies don’t consume for a long period, we don’t get enough vitamins and minerals to sustain life. The disturbances occur slowly and painfully. Anaemia, scurvy, and night blindness are few of the common results of malnutrition.

Decreased Basal metabolic rate 

Basal metabolic rate is the amount of energy burned while your body is resting. Starvation will disturb your metabolic balances, and you will burn more calories while starving, your body will lose not only the fat but protein and vitamin also.

Disturbances in Menstrual Periods

Your periods will be unregulated; you may miss your dates and be majorly delayed or get them early, which will call for all sorts hormonal issues in your body. If a woman is underweight, having no fat will disable your body to make estrogen from cholesterol. Starvation can also damage your internal organs.

Bone Fragility

When you are dieting on a calorie-conscious diet, the bone structure of our body, the older structure breaks down, and new bones take their place. When you are starving, you lose bone density, and there is no calcium to support the modelling of new bones. You will be prone to bone damage as the starvation continues.


When someone voluntarily starves themselves out of fear of gaining weight, the condition is called as Anorexia. People who suffer from Anorexia tend to suffer from constant constipation. They need regular use of laxatives and enemas.

High Blood Pressure

Starvation leads to decrease of potassium and vitamin-D in our body; it concludes in high blood pressure. Many studies have conclusive evidence that malnutrition, which is also caused by starvation causes high blood pressure even in children.


Isn’t it obvious when your body is not converting food into energy or fat to be used as energy later, you will continuously be tired. The balance of vitamins in your body will be profoundly disturbed, and as a result, fatigue will decrease your productivity in all manner.


People who voluntarily starve themself have shown significant symptoms of clinical depression, aggression, and anxiety. If you recall yourself being hungry, how agitated did you behave? Imagine how would a person act if they are following a starvation diet.

Electrolyte Imbalance

When your body is not consuming enough water and food, electrolyte imbalance is bound to happen. If you are voluntarily following a starvation diet, at least take multivitamin tablets to maintain a chemical balance in your body.

Starving yourself is never the right option. Instead, eat a balanced diet and burn those extra calories at the gym or running. You think you are doing yourself a favour by not eating, but you’re not. Life is precious, and we must always remember it.