10 Effective Morning Exercises for Weight Loss


All follow the morning exercise routine, it charges you up for the rest of the day and makes your body burn calories throughout the whole day. Our bodies do most of the detox between 7 am, and 11 am if we workout in the morning hours, our metabolism and detoxification processes boost and we have a cleaner and healthier body with less unwanted fat. Morning exercises for weight loss help our well being in more than one way. They elevate our mood, open up our appetites and keeps our body young.

There is no single way of working out in the morning; you can perform a plethora of exercises and still be able to achieve all of the things morning workout should deliver. Morning exercises or stretches provide a balance to our muscles as well as our internal organs. But the prime purpose for a morning workout routine is to manage your weight. These are the most effective morning exercises for weight loss.


Running or walking in the early hours of the morning is keeping us healthy since the dawn of time. Running for a minute burns about 10-12 calories, which is great, and it builds your stamina too, the sweating from running will detoxify your body, and the elevated heart rate will aid in the supply of oxygen through your whole body.

Circuit training

Circuit training is fast and gruelling, but in a matter of a few minutes, you achieve a lot. The circuit training involves a number of exercises to be completed in quick succession which completes a circuit. You can sip water after completion of one circuit. If you know Chirs Hemsworth who plays Thor in the Avengers franchise, he does the circuit training every day, and he has one of the best bodies in the world.


Riding a bike in the morning will increase your endurance, burn a lot of calories, and mould your legs into iron. If you have thick thigs with lots of fat, you can ride a bike for 10Km a day and see the difference in your physique in a month. All it takes is six weeks to get that beautiful body.


Yoga is the most effective form of calorie-burning workout. It also relieves your stress and anxiety. Generally, people join morning yoga groups to do the poses in harmony collectively. Mostly there is always an instructor, and they understand your body type and recommend you the poses accordingly.


The first thing I do after waking up is stretching. When we sleep, our muscles contract and become tight, which makes them prone to injuries. Stretching before any morning workout is the most important practice. Even if you don’t exercise some days, stretching your muscles is a must.

Kickboxing or boxing

Boxing or kickboxing is a gruelling exercise; they require the engagement of your entire body. Throwing a few punches or kicks at the sack with make your stronger, relieve your stress and anxiety. It will ultimately enhance your endurance. If you are not trained in boxing or kickboxing, perform in the presence of a trainer.


I would not suggest swimming in winters, but the rest of the year is qualified for you to swim in the morning. Swimming tones your body, and if you are a regular swimmer, you won’t ever need to worry about body fat. Swimming increases your stamina and internal organ function.


Cardio exercises mean the exercise which elevates your heart rate. You can run on the treadmill, use the cross trainer, go for spinning, and work on the elliptical trainer. Please be mindful that at the heart rate of 130BPM, our bodies begin to burn fat. Anything lower than 130BPM will burn your body glucose for the first thirty minutes.


This breathing exercise aligns your soul, mind, and body. I practice pranayama daily. You don’t need a trainer to do this breathing exercise, learn it once from someone or a video, and you are qualified to do it alone. Practice Pranayama on an empty stomach, this exercise will keep you forever young.

Surya Namaskar

This ancient Indian practice will keep you healthy your entire life. Just one round of the Surya Namaskar burns about 14 calories, which is more than running for one minute. If you perform the Surya Namaskar correctly for only 30 minutes, you can burn upto three hundred calories.

That’s it, try all these exercises and choose which ones suit the best to you.