10 Best Exercises To Increase Lung Capacity


The era of pollution is eating our lungs, and we don’t even realize it until later. We can’t escape our environment, but we can take safety measures that will prolong our life. We cannot survive without our lungs, and it’s being attacked the most these days. However, there are exercises to increase lung capacity. We should practice them daily to feel and breathe freshly. I have researched and practised many ways to achieve the optimum capacity of my lungs; I avoid smoking and being in smoke-filled areas as a first step. Secondly, I have listed out the 10 best exercises to increase lung capacity.

Why do we need exercises to keep our lungs healthy? Because intense physical activities bring plenty of oxygen in our bodies and lungs is the organ to supply oxygen throughout the body. Our stamina depends entirely on our lungs. If our lungs are healthy, our entire body will get an adequate supply of oxygen. Let me remind you that we cannot function without a proper supply of oxygen in our body. You can try these 10 best exercises to increase lung capacity.

Abdominal breathing

Lay down on a mat or on the floor, put one hand on your abdomen and other on your chest. Breathe from your nose, hold the breath for a few seconds (Whatever time frame you can endure) and exhale. Make sure you squeeze your abdominal muscles to release all the breath from your lungs. Complete ten reps of this posture and raise yourself up to a seated position. Now, do the same exercise while being seated.

Rib stretch

Stand with your spine straight. Keep your hands on your waist as a starting position. Inhale as much as you can and hold your breath for a maximum of fifteen seconds, exhale completely. Then tilt your body on both sides alternatively while keeping your hands on the waist. You can do this exercise daily for five minutes.

Oriental breath

It is a bit complicated, but I will try to explain as simply as I can. Stand erect and put your right leg in front of your left leg. Inhale thrice without exhaling. Extend your arms over your head and back in front like a ballerina, and exhale with force. Repeat this step five times.

Numbered Breath

Stand with your legs apart at shoulder length. Inhale for two seconds and exhale for about four. Make sure your exhale timing is more prolonged than inhaling, and purse your lips while you exhale. There are several variations to this exercise. Count the seconds you are holding your breath exhaling, try to reach the count of eight, it will increase the capacity of your lungs.

Pushing out

Stand straight and inhale as much as you can, bend down to touch your toes and exhale at the maximum stretch you can achieve. Return to the starting point and repeat the process. Just four reps of this exercise are enough.


It is my favourite breathing exercise; I do it daily after waking up. Apart from increasing lung capacity, it calms your mind down, relieving you from stress and anxiety. Sit with your legs folded and your spine erect. Block one nostril from your finger and inhale from the other. Now, hold your breath to the count of eight and exhale from the opposite nostril. Repeat the process. Practice it five minutes a day.


The most common lung strengthening exercises are all cardio exercises. Whether you are running on a treadmill, spinning, working on an elliptical trainer or a cross trainer, all cardio exercises elevate your heart rate and increase the supply of oxygen to your lungs.


The rhythmic movement of your muscles to music will also elevate your heart rate and supply a lot of oxygen to your lungs and muscles. Aerobics increase both heart and liver functions. Twenty minutes a day will make you healthier than yesterday.

High altitude trek

If you live near the mountains, you should regularly go to trecks on a high elevation. The oxygen level at high altitudes are low; your lungs will expand to take the breath. If you are new to the mountains, it will about two weeks to adjust to the altitude.

Water exercises

It looks easy, but it is quite hard. Swimming and other activities in a swimming pool add weight to your body and workouts. Water exercises increase your stamina and clear out your lungs. It takes a lot of effort to practice exercising in water. You may take some time to adjust to the routine completely.

This is it, these are my tried and tested 10 best exercise to increase lung capacity.