10 Amazing Benefits Of Seated Russian Twist


If you are a gym freak, you know addictive and beneficial exercising can be for us. It boosts our metabolism, aids our body in eliminating toxins, helps our gut to digest food properly, absorbs the nutrients, and, most importantly, it makes us look amazing, happy, and healthy. The thing about exercising is that our body gets used to one form of exercise, and then we need to switch the workout regime to build muscles.

If you are a beginner, the first course of action will be to eliminate unnecessary fat from your muscles. It will be a tough task because you will have to eat accordingly. Someone once said that good bodies are not made in the gym but in the kitchen. Also, if you perform targeted exercises, your muscles will respond accordingly and burn the fat of the targeted area.

Benefits Of Seated Russian Twist

Our most common problems are the belly and thigh fat. These are the most stubborn areas to slim down. But, I have the perfect exercise for you to make the most out of a workout and cut that unwanted flabby fat. ‘The Seated Russian Twist’ is the answer. Even a few sets two days a week will set your muscles up for a good sweat, and in the end, the glory of a healthy and beautiful body will be yours.

How to do a seated Russian twist?

The seated Russian twists engage your core muscles. It is crucial to perform the exercise with proper form and stability; it is the only way to make the most of this workout. To perform the exercise, you will need sports shoes, a gym ball of 2.5 kg (For beginners), and a yoga mat.

Sit down on the floor and bend your knees, let the back of your heels touch the floor softly. Pick the gym ball up and grip with both your hands. Now, extend your arms forward and straight. Lean back a little with the straight spine, tighten your belly so your whole core muscles will get engaged in the workout. Finally, twist your upper left and right with straight arms. You will feel the burn in your entire torso. If you are not feeling it, there must be something wrong in the form. You need to keep it in mind that your back should be straight, do not hunch, or the workout will not work with its full capacity. Inhale when your arms are at the center of your body and exhale when your arms complete one twist. Only two reps of ten twists each side are enough for the beginners.

Benefits Of Seated Russian Twist
A variant of Seated Russian Twist

What are the benefits of the seated Russian twist?

The seated Russian twist looks like a simple exercise, but it isn’t one. It requires a lot of effort to get this work out correctly; only then it does show results; they are both internal and external.

Benefits Of Seated Russian Twist

The first benefit of a seated Russian twist is that it builds rock-solid abs. First, it will burn your belly and hip fat, then the core muscles will start to show, and if you do the exercise long enough with the right diet, you shall have six-pack abs.

Apart from building the abs, seated Russian twists will make your abdominal muscles strong and ripped. Your internal obliques, external obliques, and rectus abdominis will become stronger and harder.

The seated Russian twist is great to maintain the health of your heart. It reduces cardiovascular disease risks and the risk of strokes and heart attacks.

The strength of your lower back will build as the posture of the seated Russian twists requires engagement from the lower back also.

If you do the seated Russian twists long enough, you will build the abs on the lower abdomen area. Also, your hip will be ripped in a V-shape. It takes some time, but it gets you there.

The seated Russian twist corrects your posture and gives you the confidence you need. A good posture is the secret body language of a winner.

It boosts your mood. Due to the high intensity of the workout, you will sweat more, and thus all the happy hormones will be released to elevate your mood.

The balance of your body will improve after a regular regime of seated Russian twists.

Your daily activities will seem more manageable as your core strength will skyrocket, such as longer seatings and lifting weights.

Your lower back pain will gradually vanish as your back muscles strengthen.